Ces Cambridge Engineering Selector Software Programs

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Ces Cambridge Engineering Selector Software Programs

A unique PC-based software product supporting systematic selection of materials for engineering applications. CES Selector, based on the Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) approach developed by Professor Mike Ashby at Cambridge University, is a unique tool for the rational selection of engineering materials – metals, ceramics, polymers, composites – and of manufacturing processes – shaping, finishing, joining, and surface treatment. The software is easy to install and use on your PC. It combines a database of materials and process properties (choose the Edition to fit your needs) with software tools to: * Browse and search the information in the materials property database * Create highly visual, interactive materials property charts that enable you to inspect and compare materials, and * Apply this information using a systematic materials selection method to identify and rank the best materials for a particular engineering application.


Atlas Asr 5000 New Software 2015 more. Ces Cambridge Engineering Selector Software Developer. 5/8/2017 0 Comments. What might happen if you run a software program designed with an NTSC Atari on. CES Selector is a PC application that enables materials experts and product development. Supports materials education in engineering.

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