Ariel Compressors Manual

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Ariel compressors are designed, manufactured. Ariel Corporation Ariel Support. Ariel compressors are packaged to meet industry specifications by Ariel. Pdf files for Ariel compressor specifications ARIEL RG282M and RG357M Rotary Screw Compressors. Manual handwheel or hydraulic actuators are available. Ariel gas compressors are.

Moderate-Speed Compressors Ariel API 618 Ariel’s moderate-speed API 618 process compressors are utilized in a wide range of applications around the globe, providing the safety and reliability demanded by today’s refinery and petrochemical industries. With 40,000+ reciprocating compressors ranging from 100 to 10,000 horsepower shipped since 1966, Ariel is the largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors in the world.

Ariel Compressors ManualAriel Compressors Manual

Current Lube Limit Traditional Lube & Current Non-Lube Limit Piston Speed (ft/min) Moderate-Speed ( Short-Stroke) Synchronous Speeds (RPM) Ariel’s moderate-speed. Kermis Sounds Downloaden. Piston Assembly Case Study Ariel Reliability Ariel reliability is proven in the field. A recent 24,000-hour overhaul on two units at a refinery in Louisiana showed no measurable wear to the crossheads, guides, cylinder bores, piston rods, piston trim, or packing trim. These units provided 98.7% availability with minimal downtime and expenditures on scheduled maintenance.

Ariel reliability = peace of mind. Cylinder Bore 40,000+ Number of compressors produced since 1966 100+ Countries where Ariel compressors operate 24 hrs.

Availability of factory service and parts personnel. Ariel JGT/4 process units utilized in hydrogen service. Case Study Ariel Durability The end-user required a new hydrogen unit employing steam methane reforming technology. The facility supplies hydrogen and steam to a refinery for use in the production of fuels. Ariel reliability makes your investment pay off in the long run. Two of the JGT/2 compressors in this case study were overhauled: For this application, the customer selected four Ariel JGT/2 100% capacity non-lubricated, short-stroke, moderate-speed compressors driven by electric motors for the natural gas feed and hydrogen product services.

Ariel and its Distributors work as a team throughout every project to ensure the successful operation of the installed equipment. We begin with project planning and participate throughout the design, fabrication, installation, start-up and commissioning of the compressor package. When you talk to an Ariel distributor, you are talking to Ariel. The Ariel Distribution model unites the compressor/spare parts OEM with its Global Distributors: a partnership that offers the customer a proactive dual-line of support for every phase of the project.

The Ariel-Distributor network – service excellence for. Ariel Global Network Distributor Quality & Support Ariel compressors are packaged to meet industry specifications by Ariel Distributors located around the world. These partner companies follow the highest standards for design and construction of packaged equipment, as well as parts and service support. For a complete list of Ariel Distributors, please visit Mount Vernon, OH World HQ Ariel compressors packaged for Process Service Regional Sales and Support Offices Distributor Location Multiple Distributor Locations 700+ Trusted Ariel distributor locations around the world ARIEL. ARIEL COMMITMENT World Class Customer Support Since 1966, Ariel has shipped 40,000+ compressors, with the majority still operating today.

Supporting this ever-growing fleet is a network of Ariel professionals who are available 24/7. Ariel’s engineering and field service professionals are backed by a lean manufacturing group that produces parts of the highest quality for both new unit assembly and aftermarket support. Comprehensive Warranty Subject to proper maintenance and normal use, Ariel’s warranty covers every part for 12 months, with the frame, crosshead guide, and running gear covered for.