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Read online Atec Acterna-JDSU-ANT-20SE Instruction Manual. Atec Equipment Instruction Manual in pdf. Download for free Atec Acterna. View and Download Acterna ANT-5 user manual. 14 1.3 Acterna ANT-5 Software. Coupled Logic Error Detection Code Error-Free Second Page 166 Acterna.

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Kamstrup DATA ShEET Kamstrup 382 J-generation kWh meter 5(105)A without breaker kWh meter 5(85)A with breaker Measurement in 4 quadrants Measurement in up to 8 tariffs Load profile in 4 quadrants DLMS/COSEM compliant OBIS identification codes Voltage quality measurement Safe data logging of consumption Safe data logging of events Immune to magnetic influence Tamper detection Real-time clock (RTC) EN 62056-21 Mode A Application Kamstrup 382J is a direct connected electricity meter for registration of electric energy. The meter is full electronic without movable parts. Advanced Web Ranking 9.2 Serial. Thus, shock and impact during transportation and mounting do not affect energy registration. Ibp 115 2 Crack Fully Working more.

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Furthermore, measurements are correct, no matter the physical mounting direction. Atm Hack Codes 2017 Canada. The shunt measuring principle gives good linearity, a considerable dynamic range, and ensures that the meter is not influenced by magnetism. The easily readable display scrolls automatically between readings, or readings can be changed manually by the consumer activating the push button. The required display readings as well as their order are configurable. In addition to being read from the display, data can be collected via the optical output or from the module area by means of a suitable communication module. The unique module area permits external changing of tariffs, pulse input and output, and configuration as well as connection of AMR and AMM modules. Kamstrup 382J has DLMS/COSEM as standard.