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SmartSVN is a graphical Subversion (SVN) client that enables developers to work faster and smarter with intuitive features and a user-friendly interface. Developers are able to view the state of a project at a glance with the use of visual indicators rather than a text-based interface, which speeds progress and reduces conflicts. Features: Tag and branch support Work with tags and branches as if they were native Subversion features. Simply define the project repository locations for the trunk, the tags and branches – no need to deal with hard-to-remember URLs. To switch to a different branch or tag, use the “Tag Browser” which displays all branches and tags in hierarchical order. Conflict Solver Even among teams in communication, occasionally two people independently change the same part of a file. SmartSVN's built-in Conflict Solver combines a general three-way-merge with change detection to easily resolve code conflicts.

You're never required to accept or reject entire change blocks, so feel free to edit files as you like. Incoming and outgoing change markers Color-coding within the project directory enables you to instantly see which directories contain local modifications and which have been changed in the repository. When used with the Remote State of the files, you can detect and avoid potential conflicts. Cpuid Hwmonitor Pro Serial Key there. SmartSVN Professional also shows files and directories that have been added to the repository, but are not locally available yet. Revision Graph The Revision Graph shows the hierarchical history of a file or directory. Canzoniere Italiano Pasolini Pdf on this page. Using the Revision Graph you can instantly see which changes happened in which branch, which revision represents which tag, and when a file is moved, renamed or copied along with its history.

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You can also leverage the Revision Graph’s ‘Export’ option to export a HTML file. Shell integration Shell integration allows you to run all major commands within Windows Explorer and Mac OS X Finder. SVN file states are shown as icon overlays. File compare SmartSVN contains a built-in file compare with inner-line comparison and the ability to edit the compared files directly. Properties support With SmartSVN there's no need to edit common Subversion properties, e.g. External definitions, in plain text.

Instead, you can select the repository locations using a repository browser. Of course, SmartSVN also makes suggestions for relative external URLs, which were introduced in SVN 1.5. Transaction views The Transaction view in the main window automatically fetches information about new revisions from the repository and keeps you up-to-date on any commits that take place within your project and in other branches. SmartSVN Professional can also watch for changes in other repository locations, e.g. For libraries used by the project.