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TU-46 Developer: Pavloff Successfully takeoff, fly, and land a passenger airplane to begin flying around the world in TU-46. Make money through successful flights, and upgrade your plane.

Sep 5, 2012 - Play TU Unleashed – From Flight Simulation game where you have to fly passengers around the islands, unlock airplanes and become the number one airline. Dec 15, 2011 - Play TU-46 Hacked. The year is 1970 and you have been putting in charge of flying the new passenger aircraft from Tupolev. Fly passengers between 6 countries in this excellent aircraft simulator. - Hack updated: Infinite Cash. Note: This is a fixed working version.

If you crash the plane you owe money. Select easy flights at the beginning to work up to longer flights. Compete with other airlines by creating a good image for your airline. Successful flights and crashes are reported in the paper. Your speed, elevation, and distance to airport are indicate at the top left of the screen.

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If your engine fails, restart it mid flight. Try to find an angle for the plane where it will glide and maintain its elevation without draining the engine.

Control your plane with 'arrow' keys. Accelerate and elevate the nose of the plane with 'up' key, and stop with 'down' key. 'Right' arrow key to lower nose of airplane, 'left' to raise it, or vise versa depending on the direction of the flight. Control the airplane's stability and elevation, and don't overheat the engines. Descend gradual and soon enough to land safely. Try to deal with hurdles like engine failure and the gears not working. If you land too far from tarmac you will have to turn around, or restart your flight.

You can pause to select restart at any point of your flight. Download Malayalam Movie Script Pdf more. Controls / How To Play: Control plane with 'arrow' keys. Start engine with 'I', change flaps with 'F', raise and lower landing gear with 'G', extinguish fires with 'E', turn around 'space', and 'Z' for turbo mode (to speed up time).