Norton Commando 4 Brush Starter For Motorcycles

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My Commando as it looked following its return from a 1500 mile trip to Scotland in 2008 In this blog I just wanted to tell some of you about my Commando as I ‘ve been asked about the bike by a few people. People always say “that’s a nice bike, it must have cost you fortune”. I tell them it didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been working on bits of it over the past ten years, so most of the expense is not in one hit, plus not all the parts are that expensive. When I first saw the Commando back in the seventies I wanted one and then ten years ago I finally bought one.

Gta San Andreas Romania Download Torrent Tpb Pirate. Norton starter-modified to 4 brush 21 segment single wrap armature-3.5 gauss/amp in series with 4 - 6 turn field coils *Rebuilt units available from suppliers for over $600, Yours rebuilt or modified For typically $300-$400 **Draws about 344 amps stall, 207-220 normal starting current, 125 amps once engine is turning. The Mk.lll Commando starter motor is not known for its reliability. It can be modified to become a much more effective way of starting the machine 4-brush Prestolite conversion. Concerning the Mk.lll starter, the INOA Tech Digest says the following:- A more reliable 4 brush starter can be constructed from your stock unit by installing the.

Helping keep British Motorcycles on the road for over 30 years - established 1977. 06-4791/B DynoDave High Power Starter Motor 1975 Norton Commando MKIII More Pictures - Click Here. The much misunderstood and challenged electric start of the Norton Commando is riddled with little deficiencies that have earned it a reputation for problematic.

Norton Commando 4 Brush Starter For Motorcycles4 Brush Starter For Motorcycles