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By a show of hands how many of you all realized that Dynamics has a table in the system database that stores a list of error codes and their associated messages and which stored procedure is producing the message. If you are like me odds are when you encounter an error the first thing you do is open up Google and search the error, especially if it’s one you haven’t seen before. Well any rate I think this could be really useful in trouble shooting so I thought I would share a couple of items with you. I added an index on the code field as a covering index. It’s non-clustered but unique. I created a VIEW to reference the table so you don’t have to give full permission to the table in question. I was going to create a simple SQL report for this and I still may but I ran out of time.

Mar 16, 2015 - For more Dynamics GP tips and tricks view our blog at A solution that is commonly suggested is to rebuild the PM Keys table (PM00400) then run Check Links on the Payables series, but this did not resolve the error the client was experiencing. We ended up needing to.

Aug 08, 2009 Sometimes Microsoft Dynamics GP reports unusual errors with temporary tables. Here are some example error messages that you might see: An open operation on. Dynamics GP Table Reference. Microsoft Access Our Favorite Posts. DynDeveloper Table Reference is now in Wiki format! Nov 29, 2011 - Integration Manager - You must close all Microsoft Dynamics GP windows in order to run an. I checked GP to make sure there were no open windows tried the COA integration and got the same error, closed it and restarted it to make sure but still got the error. A brief moment of cursing and restarting GP.

You will find the links to SQL code below. If you prefer to skip the code and wish to access the table directly it is dbo.[GPS_SQL_Error_Codes] in the system database.

I have two terminal server environments. One on WIN Server 2003 and one on WIN Server 2008 R2. Bangladesh An Untold Story By Sharif Ul Haq Pdf Creator. One is load of GP UK English and one is US English.

Both have a separate Reports.dic. I ran the new GP 10.0 SP5 and the Reports.dic seemed to upgrade fine on the UK English install but the US Install is giving me the following errors when running some reports more specifically the GL Detail and Summary TB: 'Error registering table GL_Account_MSTR' and when you click 'Ok' it says 'Table Open Error' and won't print the report. I researched a number of threads online and have tried the following fixes: 1) Creating a new Reports.dic and exporting the reports and importing them back in which resulted in a few reports coming up with the error of 'Key: Unable to set property Table to GL_Account_MSTR'. We need these modified reports so I am hoping to alleviate the error.

I didn't find any other info online that looked ultra pertinent to this issue. I am getting the same error after posting RM finance charge waiving but that is likely due to the modified reports printing after the posting. Hi Ryan, that makes a bit more sense all right, that you are getting it in both modified and original reports. I don't think its a Reports.dic issue, and they steps you already took should sort out a reports.dic issue anyway. You could try editing the setting 'Synchronise = FALSE' line in your dex.ini file to 'Synchronise = TRUE'.

Then launch GP Utilities. This will re-synchronise your account framework etc. Worth a try just to rule it out. Copying the dex.ini from the terminal server install should have been OK I would think.

* Yes I changed Synchronize = TRUE then launched Utilities. * I get the BCP message right when I launch Utilities and it doesn't seem to get to the Sync part. * I had to turn the Sync = FALSE so I can have users login and do work today. It won't let them get into GP if I leave it at TRUE.

* The following is the BCP error: An error occurred while using the BCP utility - data was no correctly copied to the server. Please verify your ODBC settings and that BCP has been correctly installed. GP Utilities will now exit.