Metroid Prime Gc Iso Ntsc Tuner

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Metroid Prime Gc Iso Ntsc Tuner

Log Book Guide (for original NTSC version) A new an innovative feature of Metroid Prime is the Log Book, where you can scan and store loads of objects, creatures, technology and more from the world of Tallon IV. Then you'll be free to read up on them to your heart's content. Use the Scan Visor (press D-Pad left) to enter scanning mode, then press and hold L to scan objects with a red or orange square appearing over them (for the Metroid Prime Trilogy version, hold Minus and point to the top of the screen, then hold Z to scan objects). Once fully scanned you'll store the corresponding info into the Log Book, which you can access by hitting Start then R (or 2 then Plus in the Metroid Prime Trilogy).

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Each scannable object will be stored in one of five categories listed below. Below you'll find all the scannable objects listed as they appear in the Log Book's main categories, and critical objects (stuff that you only get one chance to scan) will be pointed out with a *. Use each list as a checklist when trying to find any scans you've missed. Once you've successfully scanned 50% of all Log Book scans (this will most likely happen when you're in the Space Pirate research labs in Phendrana), you'll unlock Image Gallery I which can be viewed from the main menu. Scan 100% of entries to open up Image Gallery II. The Log Book list below applies to the original GameCube NTSC version of the game. For reasons possibly due to story inconsistencies, some of the Pirate Data and Chozo Lore names and entries for the original GameCube PAL version of the game were changed from the NTSC version.

The display order of Log Book entries is also heavily different between the two versions. To make sure you don't get confused with the different versions, both Log Books are available below. Original NTSC version. Download Tripod Beta Software Development.

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