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Welcome to the NI Community! From students to rocket scientists, the NI Community allows the NI Ecosystem to work together towards engineering success Labview serial. Module 11 – Introduction to LabView Programming Including Arduino Toolkit Carey Williamson 1. Develop a basic processing loop. Start LabVIEW 2011.

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Overview of Serial Bus Serial is a common device communication protocol for instrument control because most computers and many remote instruments include at least one serial port. Single applications can be used across a variety of instruments with few modifications, reducing programming and test time. For more information on the serial protocol, including information on transfer speeds and important parameters, please refer to. Connecting and Setting up a Serial Instrument Control System Engineers typically use serial to transmit American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) data. All data types are converted to strings of ASCII characters and then transmitted bit by bit across the serial bus. For two ports to communicate, both the instrument and the controlling computer must have the same baud rate, data bit size, stop bits, and parity.

A basic serial instrument control system consists of three parts: 1. PC (or controller) with a serial port 2. Serial cable 3. Serial instrument As mentioned, most computers include a serial port. The only hardware setup required is connecting the serial cable to the serial port on the PC and the serial port on the instrument. The serial instrument may include some hardware drivers or software utilities for communication, and should include documentation on the baud rate, packet size, stop bits, and parity bits that the instrument will use. Additionally, check the National Instruments to see if LabVIEW drivers already exist for your instrument, as well has tutorials on how to use them.

To confirm that the serial port on your computer is working properly, refer to, to see how to perform a serial loop back test. How to Create a VISA Resource for the Instrument in MAX With NI-VISA, communicating with your serial instrument is easy. To confirm that you are able to communicate with your instrument, open Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) found at Start>>Programs>>National Instruments>>Measurement & Automation. Il 2 Sturmovik Cliffs Of Dover Serial Keygen And Crack. MAX Main Menu Expand the Devices and Interfaces subdirectory below My System. Below it you should see all the serial and parallel ports on your computer. In this example the computer has one serial port (“COM3”). Figure 2 shows the directory path to the serial port and the configuration window when COM1 is selected.