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Jabber Mac Download

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Hi Guru, One of our customers is asking if the Jabber file transfer default save location can be changed to other location. By default, it is saved to 'C: Users UserName Documents MyJabberFiles '. And there is only 'accept' and 'decline'.

There is no 'save as' option. He prefers a location like 'C: SavedFiles' for everyone in the company. The customer has changed it for Lync so he also want to change it for Jabber. I have searched doc and forum but couldn't find any answer.

Maybe a local register value can solve this? Thanks in advance.

Hi Ben/Team, Thanks for the post. To be more precise the above feature can be achieved as below: From Jabber 11.5 release notes we see as below, Choose Destination Folder for Chats and File Transfers —Users can now specify their own folder destination for saved chats and file transfers. You can disable this feature with the AllowUserSelectChatsFileDirectory parameter. For more information about this parameter, see the Parameters Reference Guide for Cisco Jabber 11.5.

Reference Link: Please refer to the link below to perform the task: Refer to the section, « AllowUserSelectChatsFileDirectory” in the above link. Before this you need to EnableAutosave and AutosaveChatsLocation as per the above link. Best Regards, Ravish. Hello Ravish!

Maybe you can help me once again? I want to reference in the Jabber XML file the user specific location 'Downloads'.

So in Windows you can use '%USERPROFILE% Downloads' to go directly into the standard download folder of an user. Is that also possible with Jabber for the file location? When I enter the command:%USERPROFILE% Downloads the Jabber crash and of course don't save the file. Did I have to use another syntax or is it not possible to reference a user specific Folder?

Thanks and best regards Benjamin PS: a normal path with example 'C: Downloads' is working wonderful;-).

Introduction In some cases users need to access the log file, plist file, jabber-config.xml file, or cache file location in order to troubleshoot issues. The locations of these files are provided in this document. Problem The user needs to locate the log file, plist file, jabber-config. Remoteexec Rapidshare Downloads. xml or cache location.