Ithaca Gun Serial Numbers

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Your gun was made in 1977. I don't how to explain who he is but I can tell you I think he is the foremost expert on Ithaca's and he has a good deal of the records from the old Ithaca. Driver Zd1211b Windows 7. Both of his books are excellent with all the dating to determine when a gun was made. He regularly reads the forums and if given a guns serial number I am told he can tell you exactly how it left the factory.

Ithaca Trench Gun Serial Numbers

Labview Serial Communication Tutorial Pdf. Ithaca Guns Manufactured by ITHACA GUN COMPANY From 1880 - 1986* CLICK THE MODEL NAME TO REVEAL THE SERIAL NUMBERS & CLICK.

The modified choke shooting question is harder to answer because because it is more a matter of opinion but I have a 37 in 20 ga with modified choke and I would hunt any small game with it. Distance is the factor you would want your shots to be close I would say no more than 30 yds. Ok, I will buy Walt's book - but who is Walt and what is the book on Ithaca Model 37's? And can you tell me when this one was made: Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight, SR#371295675? What kind of shooting is modified choke best suited for?

Thanks for your expert help. Walt is Walter Snyder, the ex-Ithaca historian who, literally, wrote the bibles on Ithaca shotguns. His Ithaca 37 book is called 'Ithaca Featherlight Repeaters, The Best Gun Going' and is, as well as Amazon, Ray Rilings and other booksellers. Your M37 was made in 1973.