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The Interpreter Preparation program is designed to provide students. CCBC offers two INTR program. Interpreters may consider self-employment. An important first step is to select a program of study; degree or credit certificate. Most programs are linked to one of five Pathways which provide assistance in course selection, so it's much clearer for students to determine what to do next, and what they should take each semester. Their Pathway will also offer them a variety.

Interpreter Training Programs

Start here and go anywhere CCBC offers a wide range of options for a wide range of learners. See what you can be at CCBC! Choose from more than 280 associate degree, credit certificate, and non-credit workforce training certification programs – more than any college in the region. Our and our opportunities endless. Whether you’re looking to, start your career with a, or prepare for, we have a program for you.

Credit or Non-credit We have lots of credit and non-credit options to choose from, so which one is right for you? CCBC’s school of offers “non-credit” programs and courses in 3 basic categories: Professional Development and Job Training Need to upgrade your skills but not interested in a degree? Would you like to increase your value to employers? CCBC offers more than 80 non-credit and hundreds of Life Enrichment Want to follow your passion or explore new avenues of personal enrichment? CCBC’s School of Continuing Education has thousands of Basic Education CCBC meets our students where they are.

Our can help adults acquire basic literacy and math skills, earn your GED or–for non-native speakers–improve your fluency in English.

Contacts and Additional Information Program Coordinator: CCBC Catonsville, Rebecca Minor 443-840-4975 or Additional Information: • Statewide Program • The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree program is ideal for students who want to become ASL Interpreters and do not already have a degree. This program includes general education course requirements (see details below). • The Certificate program is ideal for students who want to become ASL Interpreters but already have a degree. While the Certificate program does not include general education course requirements, some INTR courses do have general education prerequisites.

Transcript evaluation may be necessary to determine if prerequisites have been fulfilled. Course requirements are listed below. • Opportunities for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) - For Interpreter Preparation, see,, and.

Download Ati Windows Gamer Edition X64 Vs X84 there. Several General Education classes also have PLA opportunities. • - While there are no program-specific agreements, see other types of agreements such as guaranteed admission, block transfer, and discounts.

Interpreter Preparation Program Ccbc Blackboard