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In Monty Python's Life of Brian, Judith is fretting over her lover's impending crucifixion. But her colleagues in the People's Front of Judea - faced with a proper test of their principles after endless procrastination - are too busy watching their own backs. 'It's happening, Reg!'

'Something's actually happening!' The opaque world of cricket politics has long been ripe for satire, but sometimes the facts speak for themselves. And, earlier this year, in another corner of the Middle East, something was definitely happening. The boards of India, England and Australia had quietly crafted a document which claimed to safeguard the game's future, while more obviously safeguarding their own.

In sum, the BCCI wanted an even larger slice of the ICC pie, and the ECB and Cricket Australia happily acquiesced, knowing their portion would grow too. The rest were assured they would be better off.

And who could object to a world with more money for everyone? The politicking that followed, defined by self-interest and short-termism, would have done the People's Front proud. Boards excluded by the Big Three professed outrage in public and jockeyed for position in private, forming alliances that lasted only as long as it took India to seduce them with some trinket or other. Even on February 8, when the thrust of the document was voted through by the ICC Board, Pakistan - who abstained, with Sri Lanka - were accusing South Africa of treachery, having apparently regarded them as allies on February 7.

'Nothing in life is perfect,' sighed Chris Nenzani, the president of the South African board, almost sounding as if he regretted the fact. Here was colonial-style divide and rule. C Program To Implement Dictionary Using Hashing Meaning. Free Download Blackmart For Android Phones there. Here was the realpolitik of modern cricket. Amid the prognostications of a brave new world, a single sentence, halfway down the ICC's press release (and with our italics), hinted at what lay ahead: 'Full Members will gain greater financial recognition based on the contribution they have made to the game, particularly in terms of finance, their ICC history and their on-field performances in the three formats.' It was hard to read this any other way: the rich would be getting a whole lot richer. For decades, the rest of world cricket had looked askance at the two phases of the game's imperialism: the veto held until 1993 by England and Australia (based on ancient history), then India's monetary clout (based on a huge population). Download Free 3d Qsar Software Store.