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Interactual Player Download For Windows 7Free Interactual Player Download

InterActual-enhanced DVD titles, also known as DVD-ROM titles, include added-value features provided by studios to their customers. Beauty And A Beat 320kbps Mp3 Download there. These features typically. InterActual player for windows, Sweet MIDI Player for Windows 2.5.1, Mac Bluray Player for Windows 2.3.2, Mac Bluray Player For Windows 2.7.6.

Thank you for the information. Prevx Fix Tool Download. Thank you for your response.

I did download the VLC player. I used it to play the dvd but it sounded scratchy. Also I could not find the dvd extras that I could be able to use if I had interactual player. The dvd says the interactual player is included. I could not find it and when I tried it with my dad's dvd drive which is I clicked on the update and it sent me to a page where I need to buy a product.The only thing it says on the back of the dvd is I need Macromedia Flash 6, a dvd rom drive, internet connection, interactual player and Windows 98 or higher. Where do I find a good website for Macromedia Flash 6.0? Also is interactual player out of business I tried to e-mail them but their e-mail does not work.