Install Mysql Using Inno Setup Tasks

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Install Mysql Using Inno Setup Tasks

I need to write a setup program for MySQL Server instillation and configuration using Inno script. Here all other tasks works properly expect loading database! Install Mysql Using Inno Setup Script InstallForge is a very easy-to. Install fonts to Pc using inno setupmysql,windows,operating- system,scheduled- tasks,mysqldump. Using the MySQLInstallerConsole.exe to install the MySQL server. We need to set the type of installation; ( -t ) to Custom to make it install only the server ( and omit for example Workbench ).

Is a nice way of getting the NET framework version using VB.NET. As for what version your program should require, it is ALWAYS best to require the oldest version that your program supports. For instance, if your program uses only codes that require NET 2.0, ask for version 2; this will allow your program to also work on older operating systems (such as Widows XP).

NET 4.0 is not supported on older OS's. Hi rusoaica Thank you for your answer but i think this didnt helpmed me. If you take a look again on thread i said im using inno setup to install the program and i need code in Inno setup scrpit to check. Script looks like this: Just a part of it.

Your question was posted in VB.NET forum, so i assumed you wanted it in this language. For the Inno version, read. Gosh i searched on every page at google for this solution. First 5 pages readed Yea i posted on vb and they said to me if i dont know to write the script i even dont know to make software. I will try to check like this.

And what do you think is the easiest way to download offline installer framework to computer put it in installation, rather then require from user to DOWNLOAD and install it? In the page of the second result, the one who replied said: 'the code is taken from here'. The page he was posting is the page that i've posted here If i were you, i would chose to provide the executable file of the NET framework alongside with my program. That's because some user might want to install your program without having an internet connection, or (unlikely, but possible), if you provide a download link in your setup project, Microsoft might change the location of the downloadable file. In that case, your program would crash or it will be unable to provide a download link. Smp-n100 Firmware Hackdownload Free Software Programs Online.

Read more about installing NET framework from an offline executable file. You mean like a progress bar that indicates the current percentage of installation?

Download Autocad Font Shx Ttf Free on this page. User on your link above gave this as solution but i dont know where to put this code. Getting tired of installing / reinstalling procedure InstallFramework; var StatusText: string; begin StatusText:= WizardForm.StatusLabel.Caption; WizardForm.StatusLabel.Caption:= 'Installing.NET framework.' ; WizardForm.ProgressGauge.Style:= npbstMarquee; try // here put the.NET setup execution code finally WizardForm.StatusLabel.Caption:= StatusText; WizardForm.ProgressGauge.Style:= npbstNormal; end; end; Any better solution for progress bar during installation?

Membuat paket instalasi yang mudah untuk aplikasi yang akan kita distribusikan memang gampang-gampang susah, gampang bagi kita untuk membuatnya hanya dengan menggunakan Package & Deployment Wizard. Package & Deployment Wizard merupakan tool installer bawaan yang sudah disediakan oleh visual basic, tetapi apakah hasilnya akan cukup memudahkan bagi klien apalagi jika aplikasi yang kita buat menggunakan database yang membutuhkan konfigurasi atau setting-setting yang lumayan banyak pada saat instalasi, seperti MySQL atau Firebird (Maaf ya Ms Access enggak termasuk:D). Atau kita mencukupkan untuk membuat panduan instalasi yang dibagi menjadi beberapa bagian: • Instalasi Program • Instalasi Database Server (ex. MySQL/Firebird) + Konfigurasi • Install Driver ODBC • Mengcopy database/undump script sql Atau kita ingin sedikit memaksakan diri dengan membuat paket instalasi yang mudah yang hanya dengan 6 kali klik bisa menyelesaikan semua masalah diatas.

1 mysql -uroot -pmasterkey albasi. Please enable JavaScript to view the Admin Software developer yang berasal dari Riau, tepatnya di dan saat ini berdomisili di Yogyakarta. Pernah mengajar di salah satu perguruan tinggi swasta (PTS) di Yogyakarta. Saat ini bekerja sebagai staf IT di PTS yang sama sebagai senior software developer. Fokus mengembangkan aplikasi di atas platform.NET (Desktop, ASP.NET MVC, Web Service) dan Android. Di waktu luang insya Alloh akan terus berbagi pengalaman di blog. Open Source Project • • Contacts • • • • Recent Posts • • • • • • • • • • Categories • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tag Cloud GitHub Repos • Status updating Copyright © 2009 - 2017 - Admin - Powered.