Install Chrome On Debian Squeeze Raspberry

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Debian Install Google Chrome

More Install Chrome On Debian Squeeze Raspberry videos. Is it possible to install Google Chrome on the Raspberry Pi? Debian $ sudo apt-get install chromium-browser. Can I install Google Chrome?

There is a version of Google Chrome that will run on the Raspberry Pi. I think it is much better than the default browser that comes on the Pi. The key is that the linux version on the Google Chrome download page will not run on the Pi. To get the version that does work, go to the terminal window and at the Linux command line on your Pi and type: $ sudo apt-get install chromium-bsu This will take a few minutes but it will install the browser. To find it once you have it installed, look under the menu button, and in the “internet” selection, and you should see “Chromium”.

If you right click on it, you can then choose to have it show up on your desktop. Play around with it, I think it is the best browser for the Pi. Perfume Polyrhythm Single Download Links. Post navigation. Paul, Great series of tutorials. Keep up the good work! I installed the chromium version with the sudo apt-get install chromium as in your lesson 34. At first it was very snappy, as in the tutorial.

However, my main use for the browsers is to play YouTube videos so I can watch things like your lessons and learn all I can about using the RPi’s. Unfortunately, when I checked to see if it could play YouTube videos, it gave me a banner window at the top saying missing plug in (Flash player). When I clicked install, the browser crashed and quit.

Then when you try to reopen it, a window says it is still open and the process is running. Unfortunately, you have to reboot to get it to reopen. From that point on, the browser got slower and slower.