How To Configure Vpn On Juniper Ssg5 Setup

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How To Configure Vpn On Cisco Router

Step by step instructions to setup policy-based VPN between a Juniper Firewall and Cisco PIX. Step by step instructions to setup route-based VPN between a Juniper. Juniper Networks, Support. SRX & J Series Site-to-Site VPN Configuration. Copy and paste the generated configuration output onto.

Hi, I'm new here and I need someone's help. I can't say I'm an expert at configuring routers, but I can work my way around our SSG5 router. Please bare with me!

I simply need to set a VPN on the router to let some people from outside access our LAN. We don't need any fancy authentication: just one username and password for all will be fine. I tried setting up our Windows Server 2003 as a PPTP VPN server, but while I can connect to it with VPN clients, the server somehow cannot relay DHCP calls to our router. I find that very odd, since all our workstations can work with our router's DHCP service.

Anyway, I gave up trying to configure Windows Server 2003. We have two DSL connections, on ethernet0/0 and ethernet0/1.

They are both in the Untrust zone and do not belong to any group. The ports ethernet0/4 to 0/6 and wireless0/0 and 0/1 are all part of the bgroup0. They are in the Trust zone and constitute the local gateway, at IP address After running the wizard with different options and ways to configure the VPN, I can't seem to figure it out. Once the setup is done, I try to connect to our new VPN using a computer outside our LAN and it can't connect.

Is there anyone out there who can help a novice like me? Maybe a tutorial or a how-to, or just a few pointers could help. Thanks in advance! Thanks, NS/XP, but this is not working for me. Here's is what I've done so far on my SSG5 firewall/router: 1.

Create user 'vpnuser' in Objects >Users >Local. User Name: vpnuser. Status: Enable. IKE User: Checked. Simple Identity: Selected.

IKE ID Type: Auto. IKE Identity: vpnuser. Authentication User: Checked. User Password and Confirm Password: Both specified.

Create new 'vpngw' gateway in VPNs >AutoKey Advanced >Gateway. Gateway Name: vpngw. Spolszczenie Do Empire Total War Napisy. Security Level: Custom. Dialup User: vpnuser.

Preshared Key: Specified. Modified advanced settings for 'vpngw' gateway.

Security Level, User Defined, Custom: Selected. Phase 1 Proposal: rsa-g2-aes128-sha, dsa-g2-aes128-sha. Mode (Initiator): Aggressive. Created new VPN 'vpn' in VPNs >AutoKey IKE.