Healthstream Voyager Hs9000 Manual

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Voyager Healthstream Hs 9000 Manual

I found the best way was to go and try them all out. They all feel quite different, some have a smoother motion, some handles are more comfortable to use than others. Check that there is somewhere to put your water bottle (mine doesn't have a place and its a PITA!) I like using the programs on mine, but the heart rate monitor is useless.

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BTW - I would definitely go for a cross trainer over a tready. The workout is so much better. And don't stress if you can only do a few minutes to start with, you will be able to build it up quickly. My understanding is that the cross trainer is a superior workout as it exercises all of your large muscle groups. This is what I would look for (as we are considering getting one atm but having a hard time sorting wood from chaff): I would like a HR monitor as we want to do interval training and I think it's the best way to gauge changes in fitness and effort. One with pulse checkpoints on the arms or chest band would be better than a finger peg. Then: Rear drive Stride length 16 - 19 inches at minimum but ideally adjustable Check max weight requirements if anyone using it is likely to be 100kgs or more Adjustable incline would be great but v.

Expensive Adjustable electronic resistance as opposed to a dial Display control panel: hopefully might have cals burned, mins, rpm, heart rate, programmes, distance Preprogrammed workouts with maybe even one that adjusts the resistance to keep you in the right HR zone THose are my thoughts. Hope they are helpful. How much are you looking at spending? Thanks so much, what great information. Mummyfied--thanks for all that info, I will be printing it out. I am having a hard time deciding what brands and what features to look for, but your post has been a big help.

I think the max I would like to spend would be around $500, I'm not sure what type of machine I would get for that. K~leigh--Thanks for the tip about auto adjust, I didn't even think of that! Rufus W-That link was great, and the reason I am getting it is that we have three kids, three years and under and managing to get time away from them to exercise it almost impossible. So I am so glad that I stumbled across a post about elliptical because I was so set on getting a treadmill, but have certainly changed my tune Can anyone recommend specific brands (doesn't matter if it is over $500) I am after pretty much everything mummyfied mentioned, maybe with the exception of the incline if it is pricey. Aspen Hysys Software Free Download For Windows 7 on this page. Thanks so much!!! Jodie Edited by RyHalandKade, 16 July 2007 - 10:08 PM. OK, have emailed some information just now.

We went to Rebel. OMG - what a nightmare. More confusion. All the information I had read said most of the better machines had rear wheel drives as they provide smoother motion and greater user comfort. All teh Rebel ones except one were rear wheel drive so it seemed like a good start. THe problem was that because of the rear wheel (and maybe the fact that they were domestic machines, thus tried to keep the length to a minimum) the foot pedals were very far apart.

So much so, that you looked and felt like you were running with a nappy on or something. I really felt that it was a very unnatural stance and one that would place stress on your hip joints after a time. But if that issue didn't bother you they had quite a decent one - NDE Program Elliptical (I think it was) for $899. Not on sale but seemed to be the best value for money of the 9 that they had. The thing that I learned today was that you should never, ever buy one without trying it first. As some sounded really good on paper but when you got on, they were an uncomfortable ride. Of course DH had to get on the only front wheel drive one (priced at $1,600) with a trainer that spoke to you, video games, and an iPod port etc etc.