Gucci Serial Number 3444

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I was just reading an article on about how to tell with gucci bags and i took this little snipet from it: - Serial number: Gucci bags have the serial number behind the small leather label inside the bag which indicates 'Gucci made in Italy'. This number consists of the article number, the model number and the Gucci season code. Shoes have it printed inside followed by the shoe size. Wallets have the serial number inside. Character of those numbers is always very clear and in the typical Gucci type font.

With fakes it happens to bet hat the numbers are not as clear and clean printed or stamped as a real Gucci, and the type font is different. Just got my first Gucci (and Chanel) for my Birthday from my Husband!

Gucci Serial Number Authentication

Hach Bod Incubator Model 205 Manual Arts more. ALL GUCCI HANDBAGS HAVE SERIAL NUMBERS THE FIRST IS ALWAYS 257279 FOLLOWED BY THE STYLE NUMBER IT SHOULD BE 6-8. How to determine Authentic Gucci Handbags and. LXRandCo guarantees this is an authentic vintage Gucci shoulder bag. This iconic bag in black is made in gg canvas. Due to the vintage nature of this product, there are signs of wear on the corners, hardware, and handle anchor.

My Gucci is from the Gucci store in the Bahamas and it has 6 numbers on top and 6 numbers below. Also with further inspection in the inside of my bag I have an inside zippered pocket that is pretty deep and in the left side of the pockets lining is another Gucci tag (non leather) with the Gucci registered trade mark beside the name Gucci printed on it and another code number. Lol,just imagining all of you running to check out your purse pockets.

The Gucci watch should feature a serial number that can be authenticated by a Gucci authorized retailer. Authentic Gucci products are purchased directly through Gucci boutiques, the Gucci website, department and specialty stores and authorized franchises. Gucci is a high-fashion brand specializing in luxury products. Gucci is known for its shoes, fragrances, handbags and women's clothing. Gucci also manufactures children's clothing. As of 2014, the company is involved in philanthropic activity including charitable contributions.