Flashdisk Minta Driver Di Windows Xp

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Someone asks me to write a tutorial about how to install Windows XP using USB flash disk/flash drive. If you want to, but your notebook (or PC) has no CDROM, you should install Windows XP using USB Flash disk/Flash Drive/Thumb drive. Just follow this guide: UPDATE: You can use WinToFlash, it's simpler and easier: UPDATE July 24 2013: WinSetupFromUSB, The Simplest Way to Install Windows XP From USB Flash Drive Step 1: Buy a USB Flash Drive (at least 1GB).

Dec 30, 2013 CEKIDOT Instal Windows 8+7+Vista+XP Dalam Satu Flashdisk/HDD USB Tanpa Ekstrak ISO 21:41 What Doesn't Kill You, Make You.

When you do this tutorial, please make sure your computer/laptop/PC has a CD-ROM (or DVD). You need computer with CD-ROM in it to build bootable USB flash drive and then you can install XP on any other computers (netbooks) with no CD-ROM / DVD (e.g. Acer Aspire One, Asus EEE-PC, etc.) Step 2: Download this software package (Komku-SP-USB.exe - ) 1.47MB UPDATE 1: Anonymous said Your download at mediafire keeps timing out, any other hosts available? Prepares Windows XP LocalSource for Copy to USB-Drive: 0) Change Type of USB-Drive, currently [USB-stick] 1) Change XP Setup Source Path, currently [] 2) Change Virtual TempDrive, currently [T:] 3) Change Target USB-Drive Letter, currently [] 4) Make New Tempimage with XP LocalSource and Copy to USB-Drive 5) Use Existing Tempimage with XP LocalSource and Copy to USB-Drive F) Change Log File - Simple OR Extended, currently [Simple] Q) Quit Enter your choice:_ Now, insert your original Windows XP CD, or to your CD/DVD ROM And back to the Command Prompt window Type 1 then press Enter.

'Browse For Folder' a window will appear, select your CD/DVD drive and click OK. Remember, you can use this tutorial to install Windows XP on any computers. Even the one with CD-ROM not just Aspire One and Asus EEE-PC. UPDATE 2: FAQ Anonymous said what if i use a 1GB flash drive?

Will it still work? Yes it is.:) Anonymous said hi all can somebody tell me how to install xp with this method in SATA HD? I finished the tutorial,but when boot up,the hdd is not showed. Help me plz Follow this guide () FYI, you can burn it as image, then use virtual drive as Daemon Tools () to mount it Anonymous said Trying to restore XPSP3 on Medion akoya MD96910 netbook.

Worked fine until 99% of files copied then got: Setup cannot copy the file: iaahci.cat - giving 3 options (retry, skip, quit). Retry didn't work so skipped. Similar message for iaahci.inf iaStor.cat iaStor.inf iaStor.sys.

Subsequent XP Boot then failed. I do not understand why the intelSATA drivers (these files) won't load. Will try again with Netbook Bios AHCI mode set to Disable but not confident that will make any difference. Ref: MD96910 netbook restore. With AHCI mode disabled it works without loading the intelSATA files. I assume these will have to be loaded, just got to figure how to do that now! Thanks for great install guide - brilliant.

If you could put a comment about intelSATA it would be great, I cannot be the only person who doesn't understand it. Allen said PeToUSB didn't find any removable flash drive. Please help me.

Download Parasite Eve 2 Pc Full. By the way, I'm using Windows Vista. Crack Stalker Call Of Pripyat Razor 1911. Or use another USB port. My friend tried it on his Lenovo. When he plug in his USB flashdrive on left side of his notebook. PeToUSB didn't find any removable flashdrive. He change it to the right side then it works (XP):) read this: Anonymous said Easy and well written.