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Epf Ecr Software Free DownloadDownload Epf Form

Step 1: Login to EPFO portal using your ECR portal credentials: Once logged in, you can check the details of Establishment Name,Establishment ID, Exemption Status (PF, Pension, EDLI), Establishment Address and PF office. Adobe Fireworks Free Cracker. Step 2: To upload ECR, go to Payments tab >>ECR [UPLOAD] Step 3: On next screen, i.e.

ECR File Upload, click on ‘ECR Help File’ to view the ECR file format It will appear as shown below: To upload the ECR, select the Wage Month and Salary Disbursal Date. Step 4: Select your ECR text file to be uploaded. An ECR text file appears like the one below: Step 5: Select the remaining fields like File Type (Select ECR), Contribution Rate% (Default value is 12%), add comment, and click on Upload Button: Step 6: Once uploaded, the file will be validated by the portal against the pre-defined conditions. Once validation is successful, you can see the following screen with ‘Validation Successful’ message: Click on Verify button to generate TRRN (Temporary Return Reference Number). Note: In case the validation of uploaded ECR file fails, you will get an error message. Step 7: Generate ECR summary sheet by clicking on ‘Prepare Challan’ button Step 8: On the next screen, you can adjust “Total EDLI Contributions (ER Share A/C 21)” (if required), enter Administration & Inspection Charges for “Total EPF Charges (A/C 2)” & “Total EDLI Charges (A/C 22).” Once done, click on ‘Generate Challan’ Button.