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Design and analyze oil and gas well tests and production data to characterize and forecast reservoir performance Are you collecting the data you need to understand your well/reservoir? Download Film 2014 Rizky Nazar. Using current analysis techniques to evaluate your data?

Our consultants combine well test (pressure transient) and advanced decline (rate transient) analysis to better understand your conventional and unconventional shale reservoirs. Upstream professionals rely on us to: • Gain a comprehensive understanding of reservoirs • Improve completion efficiency • Optimize asset potential Reservoir Engineering brochure. Monroe Energy improves operational efficiency, enables Delta Air Lines’ strategy to cut fuel costs $300MM per year As a Delta Air Lines subsidiary, this oil refinery reduced the parent company’s jet fuel costs by $300 million per year and increased the efficiency/productivity of its own 40 engineers by up to 2 hours a day – saving about $600K per year.

The refinery also strengthened corporate governance by ensuring compliance with safety/environmental standards. Range Resources Improves Field-to-Office Communications with FieldDIRECT® With thousands of wells operating in 10 U.S. Download Game One Piece Vs Naruto Mugen 2014 on this page. States, this independent oil and gas company has boosted productivity by enabling daily gauging and allowing staff to focus on high-value tasks rather than data management as well as returning well production to peak levels several days faster by decreasing the time for troubleshooting.

Apache Maps Out a New View of the World with the Help of IHS Headquartered in Houston, this independent energy company has operations around the world so its GIS team implemented a state-of-the-art system that provides users with both internally sourced spatial data and streamed industry data – saving time and providing a more complete picture of areas of interest. Energy Leader Saves Millions of Dollars with Innovation to Simplify Oil Extraction from Unconventional Reservoirs A Global 500 energy company set out to find opportunities for greater efficiency in extracting oil from unconventional reservoirs and developed a steam-assisted gravity drainage production solution that now saves millions of dollars annually by reducing the need for maintenance and risk of interruptions. Microsoft Security Essentials Updates Offline Download.