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The Fray Scars And Stories Deluxe Version Download. Studio album by The Fray; Released. Scars & Stories is the third. Download Fray Scars Stories zip. Download [RAR] [ZIP]. 1 The Fray Scars & Stories album zip. Duration: 00:44:54 Server #1 (96.84 MB); 2 Scars & Stories The Fray full album rar. Duration: 00:44:54 Server #2 (96.84 MB). The Fray - Scars And Stories (Deluxe Version). Scars & Stories; Studio album by The Fray. Download Fray Scars Stories zip

The Fray is an American piano rock band from Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2002 by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King, they achieved success with the release of their debut album, How to Save a Life in 2005, which was certified double platinum by the RIAA and platinum in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. The Fray achieved national success with their first single, 'Over My Head (Cable Car)', which became a top ten hit in the United States.

The release of their second single, 'How to Save a Life', brought the band worldwide fame. The song charted in the top three of the Billboard Hot 100 and was a top 5 single in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The Fray Full Album

The group's second self-titled album, released in 2009, debuted at number-one on the Billboard charts and was certified gold in the United States, Australia and Canada. It was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2010. While both the albums were commercially successful, critical reception was mixed. The Fray was ranked No. 84 on Billboard's 'Artists of the Decade' list. The Fray's use of the piano as the lead instrument in their music has led critics to compare the band with English piano-driven bands like Coldplay and Keane.

However, the band lists its influences as The Wallflowers, Counting Crows, Better Than Ezra and U2.

• ' Released: November 21, 2008 • ' Released: May 5, 2009 • ' Released: September 14, 2009 • ' Released: January 12, 2010 The Fray is the second studio album. Released on February 3, 2009, through, the album debuted at number-one on the chart, and became a top 5 hit in and. The album was preceded by the single ',' which charted in the top ten on the and reached the number-one spot in Australia.

Download Ozzy Osbourne Diary Of A Mad Men 2011 Rarity. The second single from the album, ',' was nominated for a in 2010. 'Never Say Never' was also included on. Critical reception was mixed, and less positive than the band's debut album,, with critics pointing out that the album was too similar to its predecessor. However, positive reviews also noted that despite the similarities, The Fray was 'more focused' and 'consistent' than the debut album.

The album was nominated for a for and has been certified in the, and. Contents • • • • • • • • Background [ ] Following the success of their debut album, in 2005 and an extensive tour which ended by mid-2007, The Fray began work on their second album. The band occasionally took breaks from recording, and performed some of their new songs on a few high-profile shows, most notably the song ', which was then titled 'Amistad'. The band finished recording the self-titled album at the end of July 2008 for an early 2009 release. The album was produced by and Mike Flynn (the same production duo from the band's debut album) and recorded. The song 'Amistad' went through several changes and finally evolved into 'You Found Me', which was chosen as the album's. The band filmed a music video in Chicago for the song, which was directed by Josh Forbes.