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Quoted from their FAQ: 3.2 How do I remove SecuROM™ from my machine? To remove SecuROM™ related files please follow the instructions below. Before you start the uninstallation, close all programs which are running in the background. The link below contains a tool which removes SecuROM™: Please follow these steps: • Download the ZIP file • Extract the application into a temporary folder • Launch the application and follow the instructions. A dialog box will appear. To start the SecuROM™ uninstallation, press the button. Note that you need administrator rights to run this uninstallation utility.

El Matador Pc Game DownloadEl Matador Pc

Please note that this uninstallation process will not remove the SecuROM™ DRM license information. Removing the license information may result in a lost activation, or may prevent other SecuROM™ protected software on your PC from working. This uninstall process allows you to remove SecuROM-related files without losing a purchased software activation. How To Transfer File Using Putty Serial Connection. See section 4 for more information about license information.

Note that some or all of those files and registry keys may be re-created in their respective locations upon each launch of a SecuROM™ protected application. If you have used SecuROM™ protected applications for multiple users on your PC, it may be necessary to run this tool under each respective user account. I just skimmed through the Class Action law suite against EA because of SecuROM ( look at Spore.pdf), and apparently, you can only uninstall the program if you completely wipe your harddrive. If you are having issues with firewalls, virus scanners, or authorization on programs, SecuROM could be the problem. I'm not going to buy anymore games that include this stupid piece of **** that supposedly will stop piracy. People who pirated the game will not have SecuROM, so how is SecuROM suppose to help!?

I found this a while ago when I needed to remove SecuROM. Can't remember the site, now, but I saved the instructions, so here they are. Securom uninstallation instructions for Windows XP SP2 Disclaimer 1: Only attempt these uninstallation instructions if you are reasonably computer literate and have backed-up your entire system. Disclaimer 2: Only attempt these uninstallation instructions if you have no games installed which require Securom to be present. Disclaimer 3: Only attempt these uninstallation instructions if you previously had to authorised your PC with Securom before you could play a game and that game is now uninstalled.

* Step 1: Uninstall the Bioshock demo. * Step 2: Remove the Securom registry entries. How To Install Slax On Virtualbox here.

The Securom registry entries are deliberately made non-removable by default. In order to remove them download the [.] lNull.mspx RegDelNull registry editing utility from Microsoft and install it on your C partition. La Carcel De Laredo Pelicula Descargar. Run the following two commands from a Windows command prompt: 'C:regdelnull HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSecuROM -s' and 'C:regdelnull HKEY_USERSSoftwareSecuROM -s' where ' can be determined by searching the registry for the 'Securom' directory key.

This ' typically has a form like 'S-1-5-3243-500'. Once these two RegDelNull commands have been successfully issued the registry should be checked to confirm that these two keys have been deleted. If they are still present they will now be removeable due to the action of the RegDelNull utility. * Step 3: Removal of the Securom service and related utilities. Open a Windows command prompt and change directory to 'c:windowssystem32'.