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• Aqua Sub Easy Load Water Cooler Model No: WA2-402 WA2-02-50 © 2009 Soleus Air International. • Thank you for choosing a Soleus Air Water Cooler. This owner’s manual will provide you with valuable information necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your new product.

Air Cooler And Heater In Pretoria

Please take a few moments to thoroughly read the instructions and familiarize yourself with all the operational aspects of your new water cooler. • WARNING: This water cooler is for use on 120 volt outlets only. The cord has a plug as shown in A. An adapter as shown in C is available for connecting three- blade grounding-type plugs to two-slot receptacles. The grounding lug extending from the adapter must be con- nected to a permanent ground such as a properly grounded outlet box.

• PRODUCT DIAGRAM Top Cover Power Switch Located on back; used to power on/off the unit Condenser Located on back; do not touch when unit is running Multi-color Display Built-in Handle One located on each side Cold Water Dispenser Hot Water Dispenser Red Handle, includes child safety faucet. • CONTROL PANEL AND MULTI-COLOR DISPLAY CONTROL PANEL Multi-color Display Child Safety Lock Button Cold Water Dispenser Button Hot Water Dispenser Button - Press this button and the LOCK button at the same time to dispense hot water Water Bottle is Full Water is Being Cooled Press Reset Button Water Bottle is Empty. Nec Pc Fx Emulator Download on this page. • UNPACKING THE WATER COOLER 1. Cut and remove the straps from the box. DO NOT turn the box upside down, or lay it on its side. The bottom of the box is separate from the top section. Lift straight up on the top box section to remove the top box section.

Make sure the water dispenser is not plugged into an electrical out- let. Open the door of the lower cabinet and pull the tray out from the cabinet. Place a full water bottle on the tray. Remove the plastic cover over the mouth of the water bottle. • OPERATION After the water bottle has been connected to the water cooler, the unit is ready for use. Turn the power switch on the back of the unit to ON. The water cooler will start running.