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Assistir Rambo 5 Dublado Online Gratis there. Thank you Zac! Linux noob here First question: when downloading Wine v1.7.48 directly from the website does one select the Debian/Ubuntu version or which one? I thought Mint employed the Debian distribution. Second question: with regards to AMD/ATI drivers, are these less of a priority than NVIDIA when it comes down to Linux Mint support? Or are both technologies equally supported?

Third question: POL stands for Play On Linux, correct? Fourth question: virtual drives do not need to be created manually since POL does it when installing the software, correct? Igo Primo Para Windows Phone 8.

Sorry for the obvious questions but I just wanted to confirm these things both for me and others who may be too shy to ask. Lol Again, thanks very much. OK firstly play on linux (POL) manages wine as it is part of the mint no need to download.

As wine is already installed you are asked through POL if you want to install a different version to run a program that simple.just pick & choose. Video drivers are all supported with relevant Prime drivers.not the rehashed to fit into a different s/w & to allow a ton of backdoors into your system type of geofarce experience.which checks if you have 'legal copy'.or winblows messy copyright garbage little wonder network bandwidth is down under winblows. & yes POL handles the virtual I said before this is a lot more user friendly than the old days. Wish OS2 warp had been this user friendly then It wouldn't have died off, still then microfloppy wouldn't have nice of them to steal the source code for OS2's HPFS.& then cock it up.

I posted in comments on front page, reposting it here too: For people that have legal game copies with DRM protection and have new hardware that no longer works well enough with DRM, GoG offers to grab game for free if you send them valid CD key. That could be important for Linux users, without DRM checks you will encounter less compatibility issues. Also, you can save your DVD from damaging if you have one in DVD reader all times. More info about it, I don't know how I have missed it: Or direct link: There is no info about expiration dates, I think that GoG offer is still valid. EDIT: @Zax, have you tried it with Ubuntu distribution. I have tried few years ago, can't even recall what issues were back then, I think it was due to lack of driver support for my GPU back then. Didn't have time to try it again, I get used to have dual boot, Linux for job and important stuff and windows for legacy support, mostly for games.