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Question from Kevin, the new CCTV guy on the block I am starting a CCTV installation company. I want to sell quality (Honeywell, Everfocus) equipment at reasonable cost to small retailers. I plan on selling 4 and 8 camera system packages. We will sell by inside sales and close with outside sales.

Mark Twain Famous Short Stories Pdf. We will push leasing. Do you think that this will be an effective sales strategy? Camera systems will be sold for $2450.00 including installation. 8 cameras will be sold for $5100.00. Any insight would be helpful.

Kevin Home of the Chicago Cubs Home of the Superdawg Drive-In Hola Kevin, This new CCTV installation company that you wanna kick start, sounds to me like a natural fit for your current telephony installation business. Download Manga Gantz Sub Indo The Heirs. Now with that being said this is a fan-tas-tic time to be expanding your company into new technologies and to new market niches this is actually a no-brainer to creating [real] stability in your business and personal income. Whenever Obama decides to get this economy moving in the right direction you’ll be sitting in the “catbird seat” with your tentacles in a handful of diverse low voltage niches.

Kevin, I don’t think you can you go wrong installing Honeywell Video Surveillance or Everfocus Video Surveillance system both are quality surveillance products with good tech support. The inside to outside sales approach if that’s working for you just keep it going. Leasing is a easy sell cuz Americans are hooked on payment plans that’s not gonna change in my in this publishers lifetime. Offering a four (4) camera @ $2,450.00 and an eight (8) camera system @ $5,100.00 supplied & installed is a little light in my opinion. What’s that about $612.00 (4 CCTV system) & $637.00 (8 CCTV system) per installed port, I think that is well oh cheaply priced. Betcha Kevin, a doughnut-to-dollar you haven’t sign up for my 5-day E-course “10 Steps to Selling Higher Then Competition!” (btw you can find this free e-course on my web site). Richard Harvey Concerto Antico Pdf Viewer.