Autocad Contour Lisp Free Download

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Autocad Contour Lisp Free Download

Hello from France Of course with ACAD MAP (FDO Labels for example) or better with ACAD CIVIL: no problem! But often I have to use a Standard AutoCAD. A lots of people have already asked for this routine: SORRY!

Apr 29, 2014 Hi Anybody have this lisp to generate contour from XYZ. In my AutoCAD 2013. Free or nearly free but the free programs to do triangulation, contours. AutoCAD >Forum >Need lisp for auto contours. Download & Installation. Free product trials.

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But I search in this forums and some others and unfortunately I can't find any correct routine Full operational on ACAD 201X 32/64 bits I have many 2D Plines with an Elevation: some Normal, some have been splined -->1st problem I would like to label them with: - either a Block with ONE attribut: the elevation - either a MText with a blank Mask behind As you wish. Question: Size/Height of the Block or MText? Some 2D Plines are very long (2nd problem) so I would like a question like: Label each Pline every xxxx Units? So on a Pline Contour of 2000 meters, I could have the elevation (Block or MText) every 50 meters. Of course I would like that the Block or Mtext will have to follow (rotation) the Pline (splined or not) where the label is inserted! If somebody can help me, I will appreciate.

Thks, Bye, Pat. I saw a similar post not long time ago but I couldn't dig it out now. Generally, it doesn't need a routine, just need a special dynamic block. I made a similar block as an example, you can start from there. The main features of this block are: 1. The value of attribute is a field, which is Z value of block insertion point.

2. It has a wipeout to hide contour lines below. 3. It has an alignment parametre 4. It has a coincident constraint. When you insert the block into the drawing, just use 'nearest' osnap and pick up a point on a spline or polyline. Optical Flares Keygen Download. It aligns with the contour line automatically and input the elevation of the contour as its attribute value. Writing a lisp routine that will loop through all the contours and placing one of these DBlocks on each one should be reasonably simple.

BUT it gets REALLY complicated when you want to determine WHERE on each contour it should place the label. And on top of that, you want to possibly place more than one label on each contour. You need to find a way to draw a line across a bunch of contours and place your DBlock on each contour where the line crosses it. It's things like this that are the reason people buy C3D. Mid-awe wrote: The multiple labels per contour can be done simply with 'measure' command.

The problem with Measure [at least in my older version here] is that when you call for a Block with an Attribute of non-constant value, nothing gets placed along the object, I assume because it won't stop for each one to prompt for an Attribute value. But if you set up one such Block Insertion with the Attribute value given, you can then use MEA+ [or DIV+ if you prefer] from DivideMeasurePlus.lsp, which you can get. Use the user- Selection option [one of the many improvements over regular Measure & Divide] instead of the Block option, and select the already-Inserted Block with its already-assigned Attribute value. That would handle a single contour pretty nicely, however long it may be and whether or not it's been Spline-curved.

It won't automate the process over a series of contours, but maybe something can be built to do that, from relevant parts of what it does, in which case you could eliminate a lot of it that handles options you would always want done the same way, e.g. Always Aligned with the direction of the path.

Can I assume that: 1) All contours that you would want to label are on the same Layer [or limited number of Layers, such as for major and minor contours]? Welder Model Number 117-071 Manual. 2) The contour Layer(s) would contain nothing other than contours, or that the contours would be of only a limited number of entity types that are not used otherwise on the contour Layer(s), so that a routine could select them all for the User, without risk of finding things it can't label? 3) The Attribute Text via the Block Insertion scale would always be a standard size based on the drawing scale [e.g. DIMSCALE System Variable]? 4) The routine could ask the User for a spacing along contours for the labels, but that it would be the same for all contours?

5) If a contour is too short for the designated spacing, it should put one in anyway [presumably at the midpoint]? 6) The labels should be Inserted on the same Layer(s) as the contours [or on a limited number of separate contour-label Layers, such as for major and minor contours]? 7) A wipeout would be a part of the Block along with the contour-elevation Attribute? Hey Kent Your are preparing something with your magic wand!?