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For 'harry lorayne apocalypse 8 pdf': 2 general files found on page 1. Foreword by Harry Lorayne i Apocalypse Index for Volume 1: lists by effects., Harry's award, plagiarism. 541 Apocalypse Vol 4 No 541 Purist. Decksterity, Personal Favorites, Best of Friends, Apocalypse 1-5 and 6-10. Harry Lorayne Apocalypse Vol 9 11111. Harry Lorayne.

Product Tags Harry Lorayne – Apocalypse Volumes 11 – 15 PDF $79.95 Will you get your money's worth from Apocalypse? Harry Lorayne has always given much more than your money's worth. Listen to a few of the many unsolicited remarks re: Volume II. 'I'm the one who wrote to tell you that I would have paid the price of the book for only Two Shuffles Harry (Volume I). Well, I'd do the same for The Sting.' 'Thanks, Harry, for The Count of Mountie Crystal.

I can't wait for Volume III.' 'I've been in magic for over forty years. I can't remember enjoying any publication more.' And many more along the same vein. And in this volume alone there are over 325 card and close to 100 coin effects, routines, ideas, and over 135 more effects: balloon tricks, ring tricks, bill tricks, purse tricks, pen tricks, thumbtip tricks, wristwatch tricks, sugar cube tricks, thimbles, sponge balls, chains, canes, book tests, ice, soda cans, business cards, dice stacking, paper folding/cutting/tearing, paper punches, wallets, credit cards, toothpicks, and more. (Most of them easy to do!) And – about 100 sleights taught within the routines. Plus Harry Lorayne's Lorayne Storms, Editorials, Ellipses() and Out To Lunch columns.

Apocalypse Harry Lorayne Pdf Editor

The card items include: Ask The Deck, Amazing Eights, Earthly Powers (one of the best card tricks ever!), Luck of the Draw, Swell Spell, Transmental, Calculating Deck, The Muleshoe Gambler (worth the price of the book), Oil And Aces, True Triumph, Para-Psychology, Watch Me Work, The Faro Knows, Modern Leaper, Queen's Tour, Roadrunner Aces, Fast Serve Sandwich, How Classics Are Born!, Instant Aces, It's One of These!, Mr. Koenig's Tapestry, Poke Poker, Sequestered Collectors, Real Wild Cards, Rock 'N' Roll Aces, Sandwichange, Variations And Additions, and on and on.

The Coin items include: Easy Go, Matchbox Treasury, Pretty Interlude, Cointemplate, Soft-Sleeve Cover, Spellbound-A-Round, Infidel Change, Four-Gone Conclusion, Worth Your Attention, Coin Cascade, No Propellant, 'Vanishing' Dust, Coin Favorite, Deeply Proved, Out of Sight-Out of Mind, For a Change, On The Edge, Down The Tubes, Coin Diamond, Twin Eagles, Deliverance, Pocket Change, and on and on. Items by numerous contributors, including: Larry Becker, Alan Alan, Jeff Altman, Ed Marlo, Bernard Bilis, John Carney, Mike Bornstein, Tom Craven, Doug Edwards, Eric DeCamps, Jerry Deutsch, Ron Ferris, Bob Fitch, Karrell Fox, Max Maven, J. Hartman, Bill Kalush, Sol Stone, Gene Maze, Meir Yedid, Dean Dill, Tom Daugherty, David Williamson, Charles Reynolds, Bob King, Gary Ouellet, David Regal, Terry Seabrooke, Mark Sicher, Allan Slaight, Richard Vollmer, Randy Wakeman, Jim Swain, Shigeo Takagi, Paul Cummins, Terry Lagerould, Peter Marshall, Howard Schwarzman, Frank Thompson, Aldo Colombini, Walter Cummings, Ken Krenzel, Walt Maddison, Hiroyuki Sakai, Jim Sisti, Juan Tamariz, Roger Crosthwaite, Patrick Page, Eddy Taytelbaum, Stephen Tucker, David Acer, Rafael Benatar, Yudi Wada, and on and on – and Harry Lorayne!

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